Friday, 12 May 2017

Coming Up..

I am getting so excited for the next two weeks! They are full and busy of FUN activities to help us wind down the year! The kids have been working on our poetry unit........and I must say WOW! These kids surprise me each time they come up to read their poem to me. I love how great their imaginations are!

The best thing about the poems is that we get to present them at our Poetry and Punch on May 24th to the parents!! We also are doing a practice presentation with the fourth graders next week and I can not wait for them to share their work!

Below is a list of the fun things we will be doing the rest of the school year (our bigger events)

  • MAPS Reading Test (5/16)
  • MAPS Math Test (5/17)
  • Poetry and Punch with Fourth Grade (5/17)
  • Museum Field Trip (5/18)
  • Magic Show at Indus (5/22)
  • STEM Day (5/23)
  • Poetry and Punch 1 pm (5/24)
  • Picnic at Timbermill (5/25)
  • Movie at Theater (5/25)
We are so so so busy these last two weeks! But we are going to enjoy every minute of it and have so much fun! 

Sunday, 9 April 2017


Oh my goodness....when they talk about Spring being SOOO busy...they were not kidding! We have been so busy in the classroom, and I apologize for the lack of posting that last couple weeks! You are about to get a ton of pictures though from the past couple weeks! It is so fun watching these kiddos grow right before my eyes...they are such a GREAT group of kids.

This first picture makes me giggle...I had bet him that he would NOT wear a tucked in white shirt with suspenders to school....WELL looks like he won!! :) 

Our Easter door...chose three kids art work to post on the door (the rest are above our lockers) it was so hard to choose because they all did an AWESOME job!! We all agree this was our favorite project so far!

So we are working on being extra neat and clean now each pod has a color and they try to get their basket the fullest at the end of each day! Let's just say our floor is always looking clean now!! Teacher win :)

We have started our new math unit...Geometry! The kids really had fun making three-d figures! 

I snapped this picture of them the other day...When you spend everyday with them you forget how small they actually how the picture represents that these are kiddos and the EXCEED my expectations daily...these kids are so special to me. 

Our new FAVORITE game...TOOTHY! We have math and language arts sets and the kids have a blast playing. 

These were my finish up our Friction Unit we did some testing with different materials on our AWESOME ramp! This was so much we got to get outside!! I love all the pictures below...just shows how into science all the kids were. 

Surprised....we used flour thinking it wouldn't go far...actually went very smooth!!

Investigating seed chambers!

Final project for our fraction unit was this cute story problem creating project! Love how they all turned out...(also above our lockers)

A few weeks back Jon Latimer who has his own nature podcast came to our school and we got to go listen and adventure with him out in our school forest! Very fun!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Learning is Music to my Ears...

Alright! So I love integrating music into our learning...especially with new concepts! Below are some of our favorite head bopping songs we have been rocking out to this week! 

We just started talking about force, motion, and friction this week and this song was great! I had them do a beat the teacher game to see if they could find all the same pattern movements in the video as me! They WON! :) Yay!

Feel free to jam-out with our songs! :)

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Crunchy..Munchy..Magical Lucky Charm Bars

Hello all!

So last Friday was St. Patricks Day and of course I couldn't resist do something fun in the afternoon! I hired a "student photographer" to take pictures during our baking of these magical bars! It is fun to see them get creative with their "shots". Below are some pictures of our bars in the making.

PS these are totally out of order :) 

 The kiddos had the giggles and so did I because they were so darn sticky! It also was funny because there was a rainbow that kept getting stuck all alone and dangling! 

I have a microwave in the backroom and our photographer followed me back their to watch me set the timer in 30 second intervals! Intervals is a vocabulary words we had been using in science a couple weeks is great to transfer that vocabulary over into our everyday uses! 

giggle..giggle. I bet you couldn't even guess who this is hiding behind my GIANT phone taking pictures. 

Once these yummy treats were set and cut we ate them while the kiddie cats presented their readers theaters!! I LOVE readers theater and the kids did too. We just did small groups and short fable versions of readers theater. Below are some videos of the kids presenting. 

Friday, 10 March 2017

It's Friday...Friday...Gotta Get Down on Friday!

Hello all!

I am so excited! We just had our kids who were gone from our last test, and retakers get done with their math money unit test! Before we took this unit test I told kids our class average goal should be to get above 90% as a class. Well.....WE MET OUR GOAL!

These smarty pants were so excited that we met our goal! Maybe I will even give them 10 minutes of free time this afternoon since we have been working so hard! 

Now that we are done with learning about money, we are onto learning about fractions! This will be a fun unit for the kids. We have only done a few activities so far and I have heard a lot of, "This is actually fun". I always say learning is SOOO fun. 

For the intro we watched a video and they took notes of things they think will be important for our vocabulary chart! They came up with a great list! 

Our focus this week has been on Folktales! We have been working with conflict and resolutions, setting, and authors point of view. We just finished up a Venn Diagram activity where we wrote the differences and similarities between The 3 Little Pigs and the True Story of the Three Little Pigs. Ask them about how they are different! 

Here are some directed drawings I taught the kids from last week! This is a character from the book, "If I Ran A Zoo" By Dr. Seuss

Lastly I thought I would just throw this out there.....your kiddos are only 78 days away from being 3rd graders! How crazy is this??? 

Monday, 27 February 2017

I'm Back!

It has been a while since I posted on the blog! We are busy busy in the classroom, so I am sure your kids are tired when they get home! We are getting wiser each day :) Just a reminder that tomorrow is our last day of parent teacher conferences!

This week is also READ ACROSS AMERICA WEEK! We have some fun challenges that we will be doing this week school wide. I sent home a sheet today about the dress up days we will be doing! I was so sad when I forgot to send it home Friday! Below is a picture of the schedule for dressing up each day. (these are so simple)

Here are some pictures from the classroom! I love these top two because they are from a collaborative reading and poster making assignment! They worked hard on these and I loved learning about what they had read!

I'm totally digging our new set up for seating! I call them I-Pods. Each pod has a name and they are: tick-tock-and clock! When I say those three words which ever group is seated quietly and nicely will get a challenge point! 

Have a Seuss-tastic week!! :)